Из воспоминаний Витте --
"...Это был на вид очень почтенный старик, напоминавший собою по наружности библейского патриарха; вообще наружность его была совсем не еврейская."
"Вы упрекаете меня в том, что я больше верю **, нежели вам, но возьмите в рассуждение то, что я могу его повесить, а вас нет."

(из донесений А. де Бальмена министру Нессельроде о беседах с губернатором Св. Елены Hudson Lowe)
-- ...you use foresight and pessimism to avoid getting into situations where you need to demonstrate exceptional programming ability --

-- The formulation owes something to a pilot's maxim: "a superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid having to exercise his superior skill. --

from comments at http://jwz.livejournal.com/1096593.html
1. "И если в нашем доме вдруг завоняло серой, мы
просто не имеем права пускаться в рассуждения о молекулярных флуктуациях --
мы обязаны предположить, что где-то рядом объявился черт с рогами, и принять
соответствующие меры, вплоть до организации производства святой воды в
промышленных масштабах."

2. "I once mentioned to you that I was superstitious, because this was a place where anything could happen; I'm sure you understand what I meant now. But there's another reaction. It is this: if anything can happen we'd better make damn sure it never does."
"His preface—the only part of his work which he brought to perfection—..."
"Reading this book will enable every entomologist to painlessly discover his or her roots."
"When the analysts and domain experts get to maintain and build their own systems, then they can use the tools they want. But right now we're doing it ourselves, with their input, and that's why we push back against these kinds of tools."


"The other problems is that these systems give a Lil' Tykes toolbox to the business folks so that they don't hurt themselves. But the suits just turn around and ask Daddy to build the tree house, pitching a fit if he pulls out the Porter Cable tools."
"I sometimes wonder if it would make more sense to build a composition course on the writing, rewriting, and rerewriting of a single essay, with lengthy breaks built in between each go-round."
"If Ahmedinejad want Israel re-located to the Christian world that is easy to accomplish. Just end the muslim occupation of the Byzantine empire :)"



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